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The ODLA software features a personalized Voice Over that reaches most of the information useful for navigation.
It can read ODLA’s menu windows, while it is not able to read the original MuseScore menus which sometimes need to be opened for some actions such as: Setting up a new score and choosing instruments; Save and open a File; Print or Export File.
In these cases, ODLA needs the support of the only open-source screen reader capable of reading the MuseScore windows, the NVDA screen reader.
Unfortunately, NVDA is only usable on Windows computers and not on APPLE.
This means that, for macOS users, screen reading would be missing in steps such as setting up a new score and selecting instruments.
If you have a Windows computer, you can use it to create a new file and then move it to your MAC.
In case of use of ODLA by a visually impaired pupil in a school environment, however, a music or support teacher will be present, who can support him or her in opening a new file.
Naturally, for greater fluidity of work, only if you are a visually impaired ODLA user, it is advisable to use the keyboard with Windows.