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U. S. Patent for ODLA

Patent in United States

In 2020, we proudly communicated important news: in Italy, the Patent for Industrial Invention has been granted to ODLA as a “Keyboard for writing musical scores”, equipped with the first clickable embossed Musical Staff. It exactly happened on the 2nd of March, 2020.

In 2021, ODLA officially goes to the Italian market, reaching a lot of consensus and curiosity among teachers, students, professionals, enthusiasts and public and private institutions.

We have received a lot of positive feedback and also a lot of tips for the future. In short, our community has been close to us and has encouraged us to do better and better…

2022 starts with great news:

The PATENT FOR INDUSTRIAL INVENTION is also granted to Odla in one of the most competitive countries in terms of Technology and Innovation: the UNITED STATES.

It is the important recognition for years of hard work between research and development, networking, planning and Go-to-market.


The most important thing is the value that is attributed to the key elements that make ODLA one of a kind, unique in the world:

⁃ The CLICKABLE THREE-DIMENSIONAL MUSICAL STAFF, for intuitive music writing and accessible to all categories of musicians.

⁃ The ERGONOMIC DESIGN which envisages a logical and functional distribution of the device’s buttons, favoring also the reduction of learning times.

ACCESSIBILITY for the disabled and, in particular, for the visually impaired, who will be able to use, for the first time in history, the same musical language as the sighted, based on the traditional musical staff.


ODLA is an ongoing project, a keyboard that is revolutionizing the way of writing music by combining Innovation and Tradition through a device with a captivating design, which is already attracting the attention of important musical institutions both in Italy and abroad.

Its benefits are different and clear, especially for those who do not have the time to learn countless keyboard shortcuts or for those who are tired to continuously switch from the midi keyboard to the mouse to the computer keyboard.

All the main music writing functions are now present in a single device. Once you have learned how it works, you will write and control the digital score very easily.


And, last but not least, we would like to underline it, ODLA is an ITALIAN project!

A technological project that contributes to the spreading of “Made in Italy” in the world!


ODLA is #musicyoucantouch