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Ergonomic, functional and aesthetically attractive. ODLA is an entirely different kind of music.


Cutting-edge design, ergonomics and attention to user-experience.

Music You Can Touch

Key element is its embossed staff, which is reproduced through the alternation of staff keys and space keys. It crosses the device vertically, acting as a divide within the key grid.

Let ODLA’s voice
guide you

The version for visually impaired users is characterized by two special “Accessibility” keys: one to interface with ODLA voice synthesis, the other to provide information on the positioning of the cursor within the digital score.

Familiarity and simplicity

The groups of keys are ergonomically organized according to the functions they perform and, to facilitate a simple and intuitive navigation, their arrangement recalls that of traditional QWERTY keyboards.


It will be easy to move around inside long music sheets and it will always be possible to reproduce what has been written, even with the beat of the metronome.

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