Odla Voice Over

Special version for the visual impaired and SLPs.


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The special version ODLA VOICE OVER for the visually impaired and SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) is currently compatible with our customized version of the open source software MuseScore.

It’s complete for Windows (64-bit) because It also requires a minimal support of the open source screenreader Nvda, available only for windows.

The ODLA software also works on macOS systems, but in this case, as explained below (*in detail), it is necessary for the Blind to request external help when setting up a new score.

Among the ODLA’s keys, there are two specific keys intended for orientation and reading of the digital score though a customizable Voice Over.

*in detail:

For some features that include, for example, adding instruments, saving and exporting, the menus used are the original MuseScore ones that cannot be read by the ODLA Voice Over. As explained in the manual, only in these cases, it will be necessary to use the open source screenreader Nvda, which can be disabled when you start writing with ODLA.

MuseScore developers have made the software more accessible to the blind by using the Nvda screenreader on Windows. For this reason, although the ODLA software also works well on macOS systems, it’s always necessary to set up the score in the beginning and the blind can do it only using the screenreader Nvda for windows.

We therefore recommend the purchase exclusively for Windows users. MacOS users will also be able to use ODLA, but it will be necessary to be supported when setting up a new score.

It is also possible to transfer the file from one software to another by exporting it through musicXML.