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ODLA received the Leonardo Award for innovation in music during the Web Marketing Festival

The award was conferred to Renato and Alessandro Pace on the 20th of June.

The announcement of ODLA’s victory of the Leonardo Prize for innovation in music arrived during FIM’s 2019 edition in May but the the prize was awarded on June the 20th, during the Web Marketing Festival of Rimini, Italy.

In front of a thousand people strong audience, Renato and Alessandro Pace received the award, further evidence of the excellent work done so far with ODLA. In addition to receiving the Leonardo Award, the WMF was an opportunity to present ODLA in front of numerous leading companies in the digital innovation sector and important guests in the business world; and, of course, to gather feedback from the participants of the event and further contacts in view of the future evolution of the project.


In the coming months, ODLA will in fact enter the production phase.

The Web Marketing Festival (WMF) brings together players from every corner of the world, promoting the exchange of innovative ideas and defining new standards for the industry. In these years, the festival brimmed with ideas and possible solutions to today’s society challenges. For this reason, the Leonardo Award represents a great success for ODLA.

Specifically, this year the organization has explored the universe of innovation through the realization of over 70 entertainment, show, art, culture, business and networking events on themes such as: Web Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Robotics, Startup, Design, Coding, Communication and much more.