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ODLA to be guest of the MedioEra Startup Night

Next 9th of May ODLA project will be presented during MedioEra’s Startup Night in Viterbo, Italy.

MedioEra is a festival of innovation and digital culture created in 2010 that aims to foster moments of discussion and in-depth analysis of everyday life technologies.

Technologies, then, and new digital media, social networks, knowledge, arts and crafts related to the digital age and the global and local dynamics we are living in. The ideal opportunity, in short, to present ODLA – its functionalities, general characteristics and design – and introduce the public to the positive returns of the project from an educational and social point of view.

ODLA, represented by Alessandro Pace, will be a guest during the Startup Night, an event that takes place within MedioEra festival and where it will be possible to share the ideas and the drivers that feed the project. An opportunity also to find new partners and, why not, investors.

MedioEra will be held from the 9th to the 12th of May in Viterbo at LazioInnova Spazio Attivo, Via Faul, 20. Hours and the program are available on the event website:

The StartUp Night, in which ODLA will also be present with its pitch, will take place on the 9th of May starting at 9 pm.