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ODLA is born: a keyboard for music writing, accessible to everyone

From Kemonia River’s laboratory of ideas and artistic planning, ODLA is born: a keyboard for digital writing of music compatible with the main music composition softwares, accessible to blind users as well and with a design that makes it one of a kind.

Kemonia River is an innovative startup with a social vocation. A place where the entrepreneurial idea is born to the interweaving of different pieces of knowledge. An entrepreneurial melting pot for the creation of
new languages, new actions, new solutions.

It is to the passion of its partners – Massimiliano, Renato and Alessandro Pace, musicians, directors and IT experts engaged in social projects – that, in 2017, the idea was conceived: to create a hardware device for making music notation softwares more accessible.

Today, the main softwares of music notation give users the possibility of choosing different input methods: mouse, QWERTY keyboard or similar, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) input devices. These methods require a bi-directional exchange of information between user and monitor, through an interactive process that is not immediate and is banned to blind users.

Thus ODLA is conceived to offer an alternative input method for creating a musical score on a computer. It is a hardware device for music notation which also aims to improve software accessibility for blinds users.

Today ODLA is at an advanced development stage. Prototype work is now complete and, at the present time, the quality control of the software is under way.
Marketing of the product will start soon. The entire is project is therefore currently at a launch stage: important marketing and communication activities are planned for the next months.

Ease of use, compatibility, accessibility and design. These are the keywords that identify a product conceived to bring change to an activity that is as age-old as man: music composition.

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