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ODLA crowdfunding campaign has started!

ODLA chose Ulule for its crowdfunding campaign: the keyboard can be pre-ordered at a special price during the campaign period; among other things, funds will be used to start production.

ODLA is a project with a considerable social impact, conceived to bring music culture closer to several segments of society. In fact, in addition to being an innovative digital music writing keyboard, ODLA is also a tool that facilitates the user-experience of musicians suffering from visual impairment.

We feel we are very are close to realizing our dream and the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule is precisely meant to achieve the necessary financial support to cover ‘the last mile’.

The campaign official page is available here:

Ulule is a crowdfunding platform that enables creative, innovative and community-minded projects to test their idea, build a community and make it grow. individuals, associations and companies create their project, detailing their financial objective, duration, and non-financial rewards they offer in exchange for support. If they reach their objective, they receive the collected funds and give their rewards to supporters.

If they don’t, supporters are refunded without any fees.

ODLA crowdfunding campaign has just started and, in just a few days, more than 20% of the goal (which is €9,000) has been already covered. We are delighted with the feedback we are getting…

…all this thanks to you, our community.

If we do succeed in reaching the goal of the campaign, funds will be used to initiate production: ODLA, in fact, is currently in the prototype stage. The hardware and software components of the keyboard work perfectly and the three units produced so far have successfully responded to the testing phase.

ODLA is therefore looking for support to move into the production phase and then enter the market.

In addition to starting production, the funds will be used to improve some keyboard details and functionalities and finance the necessary marketing and communication operations. A small part of the funds will be used to cover Ulule’s fee.

ODLA-Ulule funds

A reward will be provided for each contribution to the crowdfunding campaign. During the time frame of the campaign it will be possible, for contributors, to pre-order the keyboard at a discounted price. Early birds can take advantage of an even more special price. Curious?

The reward list is available on the official page of the campaign:

ODLA crowdfunding campaign will end on June 24th, 2019.