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ODLA chooses Millionaire to announce the Ulule campaign

ODLA chooses Millionaire, the most read business magazine in Italy, to announce the Ulule crowdfunding campaign of the forthcoming May 2019.

ODLA, the keyboard accessible to everybody for digital writing of music, chooses Millionaire, the most read monthly magazine in Italy, for its first public appearance on paper. An opportunity for promoting the brand, of course, but also for announcing the opening of an external investment round.

In fact, the February edition of the magazine presents a full page dedicated to ODLA. The product is ready to be launched and May will be an important month: the project is searching for investors and for this reason an Ulule campaign has been planned.

Ulule is the first European crowdfunding platform, with more than 26,000 funded projects, more than 2.4 millions of registered members worldwide and a campaign success rate close to 70%. Besides, Ulule is well-known for supporting projects that stand out for their social effects.

In these terms, ODLA is a one-of-a-kind keyboard. Characterized by an extreme ease of use, it is conspicuous for its relief staff, which recalls the actual paper musical staff to the touch. This device communicates with the main softwares of music writing and it is also designed to be fully accessible: this keyboard can also be used by blind users.

More details concerning the project progress and the Ulule campaign will be made available in the next weeks.