Ergonomic, functional and aesthetically attractive. ODLA is an entirely different kind of music.


The relief-staff input system favours the tactile experience and recalls the traditional appearance of music writing.


Keyboard contains all necessary functions to write digitally your composition or arrangement.


ODLA’s editing functions allow complex work elaborations of work without obstacles or slowdowns.


In order to favour ODLA’s ease of use, the keyboard’s layout recalls that of traditional QWERTY keyboards.


It will be easy to move through long scores and it will always be possible to play what you have written, with beat of metronome too.


ODLA’s soft design brings effective elements of innovation to make activity of music writing more comfortable.


If you can perceive music under your fingers, then you can also write it.

Let ODLA’s voice guide you

The version for blind users features two special function keys: one for interacting with ODLA’s vocal guide, and the other one for providing information about the position of cursor within the digital score.


Cutting-edge design, ergonomics and a special attention to the user experience. ODLA has been conceived to get noticed.