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Crowdfunding: ODLA Ulule campaign at the starting line

ODLA project is looking for investors! A campaign on Ulule, one of the most important crowdfunding platforms, will start soon.

Despite a slight delay from the initial plan, ODLA’s crowdfunding campaign is now at the starting line. The official launch date of the campaign will be announced in the next few days.

Supporting ODLA means being part to an innovative project with extraordinary repercussions in terms of social inclusion. ODLA is in fact a one-of-a-kind keyboard for the digital writing of music: it favors user-experience through its improved usability and features a unique embossed staff, designed to recall the real paper musical staff to the touch. ODLA is compatible with the most important music composition software; the device is designed to be fully accessible also by visually impaired or blind users.

The goals

The crowdfunding campaign will allow ODLA to achieve a few important goals:

– effectively start production;
– perform a real consumer test on the market;
– improve some details and functionalities;
– fund marketing and communication operations.

Currently, ODLA is in a prototyping phase: three fully functional units have been built. Believe us, it really is like shaping a jewel!

ODLA chose Ulule because this platforms is well known for supporting projects that feature a positive social impact. Ulule is the most important European crowdfunding platform, with more than 26,000 funded projects, more than 2.4 millions registered members worldwide and a campaign success rate that is close to 70%.

Further information on the crowdfunding campaign and how to contribute will be available on this web site and ODLA’s official channels: