ODLA: Italian Patent

On 2 March 2020, Ministry of Economic Development granted to Kemonia River PATENT FOR INDUSTRIAL INVENTION N. 102017000146502. It was related to “Keyboard writing music scores”, a device which is characterized by the “Musical staff in Relief” that can be directly clicked to insert notes on one’s digital score.  

The ITALIAN LICENSE awards the company’s commitment taken for years on this project and it is the official recognition of its inventiveness and requirements of industrial application and of absolute innovation which did not exist in the world on a technical level. 

ODLA is the hardware thanks to which title of Industrial Property acquired by Kemonia River takes form today: a completely Italian creativity which is offered to musicians all over the world, professionals, students, lovers, and it makes digital writing of music completely accessible to visually handicapped composers as well. 

What is Kemonia River?

A place where the entrepreneurial idea is born to the interweaving of different pieces of knowledge. An entrepreneurial melting pot for the creation of new languages, new actions, new solutions. This is Kemonia River, the startup that created the innovative musical staff in relief that makes ODLA one of a kind. 

Two inventors, Renato and Alessandro Pace, father and son respectively, treasured their long experience in musical and technological world.  

One day of some years ago, a dear friend of theirs who was their colleague and a blind composer from Palermo, Sicily, asked them to help him in transcribing one of his musical pieces on a notational software.  Thanks to that collaboration, they understood needs and difficulties a blind musician could have in writing music. A project focused not only on a visually handicapped person was born, it aimed towards all persons using softwares of music notation, in order to make them easy and more direct production of digital scores.

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November 2019: ODLA in Turin and Chieti

ODLA’s next dates:

2nd e 3rd of November – “Soundmit”, Turin, at the beautiful Arsenale della Pace.

23rd e 24th of November – “Musica in Fiera”, Chieti, at Camera di Commercio Industria e Artigianato.

Workshop, concerts and presentations of new products that are going to go in the Music World Market from the next 2020.

ODLA Music You Can Touch invites you in one of those events to join a beautiful weekend with great Music and Creativity!

ODLA has got some important news before vacation time


The summer period has been quite hectic: ODLA project has in fact gone ahead in defining some important aspects related to copyright and product development. Read more

ODLA received the Leonardo Award for innovation in music during the Web Marketing Festival

Web Marketing Festival-Leonardo award

The award was conferred to Renato and Alessandro Pace on the 20th of June.

The announcement of ODLA’s victory of the Leonardo Prize for innovation in music arrived during FIM’s 2019 edition in May but the the prize was awarded on June the 20th, during the Web Marketing Festival of Rimini, Italy.

In front of a thousand people strong audience, Renato and Alessandro Pace received the award, further evidence of the excellent work done so far with ODLA. In addition to receiving the Leonardo Award, the WMF was an opportunity to present ODLA in front of numerous leading companies in the digital innovation sector and important guests in the business world; and, of course, to gather feedback from the participants of the event and further contacts in view of the future evolution of the project.

ODLA – Award "Leonardo" (Web Marketing Festival 2019, Rimini)

In diretta dal Web Marketing Festival 2019, ODLA riceve il "Premio Leonardo" per l'innovazione #musicale.Scoprite di più: odlamusic.com#MusicYouCanTouch #LoveODLA, love #music

Pubblicato da ODLA – Music you can touch su Giovedì 20 giugno 2019


In the coming months, ODLA will in fact enter the production phase.

The Web Marketing Festival (WMF) brings together players from every corner of the world, promoting the exchange of innovative ideas and defining new standards for the industry. In these years, the festival brimmed with ideas and possible solutions to today’s society challenges. For this reason, the Leonardo Award represents a great success for ODLA.

Specifically, this year the organization has explored the universe of innovation through the realization of over 70 entertainment, show, art, culture, business and networking events on themes such as: Web Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Robotics, Startup, Design, Coding, Communication and much more.

ODLA presented to the students of Palermo and Milan

Studenti di musica

ODLA is particularly suitable for students of music institutes: the keyboard will be presented this week in Palermo and Milan. Read more

The ODLA crowdfunding campaign proceeds: thank you, beautiful people!

ODLA campagna Ulule

ODLA’s Ulule fundraising campaign continues at full speed: almost 40% of the final goal has now been reached. Read more

ODLA crowdfunding campaign has started!

ODLA-Ulule campaign

ODLA chose Ulule for its crowdfunding campaign: the keyboard can be pre-ordered at a special price during the campaign period; among other things, funds will be used to start production. Read more

Crowdfunding: ODLA Ulule campaign at the starting line


ODLA project is looking for investors! A campaign on Ulule, one of the most important crowdfunding platforms, will start soon. Read more

ODLA to be guest of the MedioEra Startup Night


Next 9th of May ODLA project will be presented during MedioEra’s Startup Night in Viterbo, Italy. Read more

ODLA: fast and intuitive music writing

ODLA logo grey background

Digital music writing requires an excellent knowledge of music notation software. ODLA was designed to work as an interface to make music writing easier. For everyone. Read more

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